Root Table Special



Heavenly Cucumber 6

Fresh thinly cut cucumber toss in our special Asian vinaigrette topped with oyster mushroom tempura and wasabi mayo.

Oyster Mushroom Pancake 8
Pan grilled oyster mushroom, and scallion in house special batter then fried to the perfection, served with Thai hot sauce.

Grilled baby Squid 7
Grilled baby squid and oyster mushroom with fresh spicy Thai chili sauce.

Popcorn Shrimps 7
Black tigers prawns are lightly battered with southern spices and herbs then deep friend to a perfection. Served with spicy mayo sauce.

Firecracker Mussels 8
Blue shell mussels cooked in a savory roasted spicy chili paste with a touch of ginger, basil and white wine.


Sizzling Bulgogi Fajita 15
Central America meet South East Asia on this sizzling plate, bell pepper, onion and your choice of Chicken or Beef (Beef add $2) stir fried in house made spicy bulgogi sauce. Served with rice, roti, cilantro and fresh cut lime.

Satay Chicken Curry Don 14
House grilled chicken satay, Indian curry fried rice and Japanese curry all blend in harmoniously in this special dish for you to try. (Contain peanuts)

Emerald City Capellini 13
Capellini pasta toss in our famous Asian pesto sauce, topped with tempura tiger prawns with a side of garlic breads and sweet onion marmalade.

Angry Tender Beef (*Spicy*) 13
Slow cooked, tender beef with Thai red chili curry paste, carrots, green beans, and bell peppers. Served with jasmine rice.

Tilapia Volcano (*Spicy*) 13
Golden brown fried tilapia fish on top of spicy stir fried mixed vegetables.

Cashew Delight 11
Stir fried snap peas, red cabbages, sweet onions, cashew nuts in a garlic pepper sauce with your choice of protein-chicken, beef, or tofu. Come with jasmine rice.