Please inform your server of any food allergies.


Lemongrass Chicken Lollipops 6
12 different spices flavor these ground
chicken skewers.

Crispy Broccoli 6
Stir-fried broccoli with garlic and Cayenne pepper.

Grilled Steak Bites 7
Grilled medium rare steak bites with panang curry.

Root Fries 6
Seasoned and hand cut root vegetable fries, served with homemade spicy ketchup.

Grilled Eggplant 5
English eggplant, garnished with peanuts and served with house curry.

Roti and Curry 6
Asian style pita bread served with yellow curry.

Grilled Prawns and Asian Pesto 6
Handmade pesto with Thai basil, cilantro,
peanuts, lime, garlic, and ginger.

Root Table Kabobs 6
Beef or Chicken marinated with coriander
white pepper sauce.

Curry Corn Fritters 6
Mild curry, sweet corn fritters. Served with a chili peanut sauce.

Cajun Calamari 7
Battered Calamari spiced with cayenne pepper, garlic and white pepper. Served with a special house sauce.

Stuff Mushroom 6
(Not available for take out)
Baked white button mushrooms stuffed with curried corn, peas and carrots.

Satay Chicken and Peanut Sauce 7
Served with garlic bread.

Sweet Basil Mussels 7
Mussels baked in garlic, butter, black pepper and white wine. Served with garlic bread.

Blanket Shrimp 7
Black Tiger shrimp, stuffed with marinated ground chicken and wrapped in a wonton. Served with a green salad.

Thai Bruschetta 6
Garlic and pepper marinated ground chicken topped on a Macrina baguette. Served with a sweet ginger sauce.

Sweet Pumpkin Tempura 6
Served with sweet ginger soy sauce.

Cayenne Tofu 6
Spicy battered tofu served with a sweet chili peanut sauce.

Please inform your server of any food allergies.

Salad & Soups

Papaya Prawn Salad 11
Thai style salad using fresh green papaya and Romaine tossed in a chili lime tamarind dressing.

Thai Beef Salad 11
With fresh greens and grilled beef, tossed in a chili-lime dressing.

House Salad 10
Choices of proteins chicken, sweet pumpkin tempura, or salmon (add $5)
Choices of homemade dressing Honey Dijon, Ginger Vinaigrette, or Chili-lime.

Golden Garden Curry Soup
6 cup / 11 bowl
Market fresh vegetables and tofu in flavorful yellow curry. Served with side Jasmine Rice.

Green Curry Pumpkin Soup
7 cup / 12 bowl
Sweet Thai basil, carrot, sweet onion, green bean, pepper, tomato, and sweet pumpkin in delicious homemade green curry soup. Served with side Jasmine Rice.

Please inform your server of any food allergies.


Pearl Ocean Salmon 15
Grilled wild caught salmon with medium spicy red curry, with green bean, carrot, bell pepper, onion and served with jasmine rice.

Menage-a-Thai 13
Three different curries with your choice of beef, chicken, or tofu, served with roti and jasmine rice.

Burmese Noodle Curry 11
Rich yellow curry soup with your choice of chicken, tofu, or beef with mixed vegetables and egg noodles. Topped with crispy noodles.

Seafood on the Rocks 15
Shrimp, squid, and mussels stir friend with lemongrass, Thai basil, cilantro, and garlic over angel hair pasta. Served with garlic bread.

Crouching Tiger 14
Pan grilled Black Tiger shrimp and mixed vegetables with Massaman curry (rich, mildly spicy) and Jasmine rice.

Salmon Tornado 15
Grilled wild caught salmon over a bed of capallini Drizzled with a tamarind ginger sauce and served with a green salad.

Super Green Beans 11
Green beans, stir fried in a roasted chili sauce and your choice of tofu, chicken or beef. Served with jasmine rice.

Broccoli Lover 10
Stir fried broccoli, carrots, sweet onion, Shitake mushroom and your choice of protein- chicken, beef, shrimp or tofu. Served with Jasmine rice.

Spicy Ginger Chicken 10
Stir-fried chicken with baby bok-choy, carrots, sweet onions, fresh ginger and shitake mushroom. Serve with jasmine rice.

Bollywood Yakisoba 12
Fresh egg noodles, stir fried in a yellow Indian curry with chicken, carrots, pepper, basil, green beans, mushrooms and onion.
Beef add $2.
Substitute prawns add $2.
Substitute Seafood add $3.