Please inform your server of any food allergies.


Lemongrass Chicken Lollipops 6
12 different spices flavor these ground
chicken skewers.

Crispy Broccoli 6
Stir-fried broccoli with garlic and Cayenne pepper.

Grilled Steak Bites 7
Grilled medium rare steak bites with panang curry.

Root Fries 6
Seasoned and hand cut root vegetable fries, served with homemade spicy ketchup.

Grilled Eggplant 5
English eggplant, garnished with peanuts and served with house curry.

Roti and Curry 6
Asian style pita bread served with yellow curry.

Grilled Prawns and Asian Pesto 6
Handmade pesto with Thai basil, cilantro,
peanuts, lime, garlic, and ginger.

Root Table Kabobs 6
Beef or Chicken marinated with coriander
white pepper sauce.

Curry Corn Fritters 6
Mild curry, sweet corn fritters. Served with a chili peanut sauce.

Cajun Calamari 7
Battered Calamari spiced with cayenne pepper, garlic and white pepper. Served with a special house sauce.

Stuff Mushroom 6
(Not available for take out)
Baked white button mushrooms stuffed with curried corn, peas and carrots.

Satay Chicken and Peanut Sauce 7
Served with garlic bread.

Sweet Basil Mussels 7
Mussels baked in garlic, butter, black pepper and white wine. Served with garlic bread.

Blanket Shrimp 7
Black Tiger shrimp, stuffed with marinated ground chicken and wrapped in a wonton. Served with a green salad.

Thai Bruschetta 6
Garlic and pepper marinated ground chicken topped on a Macrina baguette. Served with a sweet ginger sauce.

Sweet Pumpkin Tempura 6
Served with sweet ginger soy sauce.

Cayenne Tofu 6
Spicy battered tofu served with a sweet chili peanut sauce.